What are electronic cigarettes?  They are a device which provides a (healthier) alternative to cigarette smoking, and come in disposable or rechargeable form.  Electronic cigarettes are what more and more smokers are turning to as they seek to quit for good, and this is because they work. E cigs vaporize a nicotine-containing flavor liquid, to provide a personal smoking-like experience, that carries none of the dangers for either the smoker or for the people around him/her.

Composed of a removable and rechargeable battery, and a liquid holder, e cigarettes are imminently customizable and make for a varied experience, as you are able to change the look, nicotine strength and taste of your e-cigarette with ease.  They make it easy for a smoker to quit cigarette use, by providing a hit of nicotine in a way that emulates the hold and puff experience of smoking, with none of the extra, harmful additives found in cigarettes and cigars.  E cigarettes are what many ex-smokers recommend to anyone looking to quit, as they satisfy one of the most common aspects of cigarette addiction, that of social smoking.. you can easily enjoy an e cigarette with a group of friends, around your family, or within any social setting, without falling foul of NO SMOKING laws, and without subjecting anyone to passive smoking.

There are many advantages of purchasing an e cigarette. Unlike a regular cigarette, it will not damage your health. The battery can be charged in your car, office, at home, on the go, meaning that you can always indulge in vaping as you feel the need.  You can enjoy many different flavors and ring the changes according to your mood, whilst choosing a strength that suits you.  Different battery stylings mean you can customize the look of your electronic cigarette and are what fashion-conscious vapors find most attractive about them!

If you are looking for a way to quit smoking that will still satisfy you in a way that smoking does, then an electronic cigarette is what you need, and you can find the most trusted and reliable, safest and healthiest brands right here on our site to help you get started!