When making an expensive or health-related purchase, a natural question is how does this work?  So, how DO e cigarettes work?

E cigarettes contain a battery-powered vaporizer unit, that heats a flavored, nicotine-containing liquid to form an aerosol that resembles smoke, and is then “vaped” in a similar, yet healthier way, to smoking an actual cigarette.

Some e -cigarettes and e-cigars look, feel and taste close to the real thing, whilst some resemble a gadget style device that looks very high tech, yet obviously unlike a cigarette.  Both styles have advantages  depending on whether you want a discreet, or stylish experience, or an accessory to your outfit and personal style.  All share the common principles of a rechargeable (or sometimes disposable) unit that the customer fills with a flavor/nicotine containing liquid to be evaporated and “smoked”, in place of a traditional and unhealthy cigarette.

This does not mean that all e cigarettes  are the same.  How electronic cigarettes work in principal, does not translate to them all being of the same quality, or same design and it pays the customer to shop around and find one that works for them.

With so many styles to choose from, buying from one of our reviewed vendors means you can truly customize your vaping experience while being safe in the knowledge you are buying a quality product.

While cheap, imported e cigarettes work on the same design, cheap manufacturing makes them notoriously unsafe, and unreliable.

The important things to remember when choosing an e cigarette are battery design and functionality, and flavor refills.  You have a choice of rechargeable batteries, or disposable.  You can also choose battery designs to suit your mood and style, in much the same way you can choose a fascia/case for your smartphone.  You can choose from many flavors and nicotine strengths, to help you quit smoking at a pace that suits you.  Flavors vary from coffee-blends, perfect for that morning vape, to fruit blends, to blends that taste like regular tobacco, or menthols.  All our sellers offer only the finest, most health conscious ingredients.

Whilst you will still be inhaling a vapor/smoke, the liquid refills contain none of the carcinogenic materials commonly found in cigarettes, and in this way, e cigarettes work to give you the hit of nicotine, and smoking experience, without the health-risks of a cigarette.

Think of it like an “artificial cigarette” that you can customize in looks and flavor, and enjoy a smoking buzz, whilst protecting your health and that of the people around you.  Passive smoking is no longer an issue with an e-cigarette which is a big part of the *how* e cigarettes work so well!