Are E-Cigarettes Bad For My Lungs?

Answers the question of if E-Cigs are bad for our lung healthOur number one query from readers is “Are electronic cigarettes bad for your lungs?”  This is down to a rash of news reports that have focused on the very worst of the worst of e cigarettes, and I suspect may have been commissioned by tobacco companies to discredit the e cigarette industry, which is flourishing as more and more people turn to them as a healthy alternative to smoking.

Now, it has to be said that putting *anything* into your body comes with some risks, and it also needs to be taken into account that many ex-smokers who use e cigarettes have existing health problems, BUT no, as a general rule,  e cigarettes are not bad for your lungs and here is why:

  • They provide a considerably healthier option to smokers
  • All of our featured, reviewed sites abide by health regulations to bring you only quality, safe and natural American made liquid refills that are designed to help your body heal from smoking damage as they provide you with a simulated smoking experience to wean you off the “demon weed” tobacco.
  • The vaporization process that powers electronic cigarettes does away with the need for the nicotine you crave to be wrapped up in a bunch of carcinogenic and toxic filler chemicals and materials, found in all cigarettes

Indeed, many of our partnered vendors market refill flavor cartridges with lung-healthy natural ingredients!

I urge all our readers to be very careful not to purchase foreign imported e-cigarettes, as these e cigarettes ARE bad for your lungs.. they are cheap because they do not use quality, safe ingredients, often they are full of artificial chemicals and are just as bad for you as smoking. Sadly, foreign imports are not bound by the same health regulations that domestically-produced e cigs are, and you cannot therefore expect them to abide by and kind of duty towards the health of their customers.