This question has been asked many times and almost always in reaction to a shocking news article detailing how an e-cigarette vapor’s house “burnt down” or some other equally frightening scenario.  Without wishing to sound like a conspiracy nut, I suspect that big tobacco companies LOVE to see that sort of “Are E cigarettes SAFE???” horror news story and may even go as far as to get those stories extra publicity, for their own obvious reasons.

Let me address this right now.  YES, e cigarettes are safe.  There are a few exceptions that bring common sense into play and here they are.  The scary news stories I have hinted at in this post ALWAYS involve the bargain-bucket, cheap foreign import items that cut corners on both health and manufacturing, and that have given e cigarettes a bad name among people who fall for the lurid, scare-mongering headlines, without researching a little deeper.

These e cigarettes are safe, that we feature here on our site.  All are American made, quality items that yes, you will pay a little more for, but have been rigorously tested and adhere to many strict health and safety standards, standards that pile ‘em high sell em cheap imported rubbish willfully bypasses.

Reports of batteries shorting out and causing fires always involve unbranded e cigarettes that people have bought based solely on a cheap initial cost, with no further thought given to the health aspects of the ingredients in the flavor cartridges, or the quality of the item itself.  It’s a maxim that if you “buy cheap, pay twice” but in the case of e cigarettes, you buy cheap and pay with your health and the safety of you and your family.  It’s just plain not worth going down the route of only considering purchase cost, which is why we created this review site in the first place: to promote and review QUALITY, SAFE AND HEALTHY, e cigarettes that are safe, and also that support American manufacture and design.  Cheaply made foreign products can be sold at enticing prices because they have cut corners somehow, on wither design, safety or by using ingredients that may not be safe.

Are e-cigarettes safe?  Yes, for the most part.  All the ones featured and reviewed here on are, and you can buy in the knowledge that they have been tested and meet standards of both health and safety that Americans require in their purchases.  Make sure you always buy from one of our trusted vendors.

Should you damage your e cigarette, stay safe by returning it to the vendor for repair or replacement.  Follow basic safety with your e cigarette, for example do not leave it where your child or pet can get hold of it.  Always store it safely when not in use.  When charging the battery, do not leave charging once it is fully charged; basic precautions that are common sense to anyone who has used ANY electronic  item; these precautions do not only apply to e cigarettes.