Everyone who enjoys vaping, or who is deciding whether to take the plunge and try electronic cigarettes has probably read material on the danger of e cigarettes.  These articles are rarely unbiased, or well-informed, and focus solely on the worst case scenarios, all of which are related to disreputable bootleg or foreign imported, poorly made e cigarettes.  From scary stories of batteries catching fire, to horror stories of health problems caused by flavor refills, these exaggerated claimed litter the internet and media and (some would say are put about as propaganda by tobacco companies) seeking to deter people from use of e cigarettes.

So let’s look at the “dangers” of e cigarettes!

Faulty batteries: this has been cited in the media as causing several fires.  While there are shoddily made and dangerous e cigarettes on the market, they are ALL found among the cheap, bargain-priced foreign imported e cigarettes that have bypassed basic safety testing.  The small grain of truth in this over-the-top scaremongering should not put you off purchasing a trusted and American-made e cigarette, which must, by law, adhere to strict safety guidelines and rigorous testing.  All of our featured companies have easy to read quality control standards written into their websites, that you can read and be reassured by. You’ll only be taking a risk if you deliberately choose a poor-quality import.

Children and pets “eating” the e cigarette:  This one really does just come down to a lack of common sense on the part of the buyer.  The product is not the issue, in these cases.  KEEP YOUR E CIGARETTES AND ACCESSORIES STORED SAFELY OUT OF REACH OF BOTH  CHILDREN AND PETS.

Harmful ingredients/poor quality ingredients used in flavor refills:  Carcinogenic ingredients??  Isn’t that as bad as smoking?  Well, yes.  Except that this is again, only an issue for buyers who are deliberately buying foreign-made, cheaply imported rubbish.  Real American-made e-cigarette refills MUST respect strict health guidelines, or they cannot legally be sold.  Our featured vendors use all natural, safe and health-oriented flavors, period.  They are legally required to.  Buy from any of them, with confidence.

If you are in any way unsure about purchasing an e cigarette, and are worried about the dangers of e cigarettes, then we encourage you to fully explore our website, and in particular the reviews sections.  If you have had a bad experience buying a substandard product then by reading, you will soon see the difference.  Many of our vendors offer a full money back promise on your purchase, to further reassure you.  Please remember that there are good and bad in everything, and only by educating yourself can you learn how to choose wisely.