We are often asked “are electronic cigarettes bad for you?” and the honest answer is “no more bad for you than a cup of coffee, a little chocolate or a nice cold beer”, as with anything moderation problems, no, e cigarettes are not bad for you.. quite the opposite, e cigarettes, when used is key.  When compared with the alternative of smoking, and all it’s documented health conscientiously, will assist you on the journey back to good health.  E cigarettes contain nicotine as their active ingredient, as do regular cigarettes, the difference being that cigarettes are also filled with carcinogenic chemicals and additives, whereas e cigarettes are not.

It’s important to remember that you must choose carefully from all the available brands of e cigarette on the market and make sure you pick one that offers healthy and natural ingredients in it’s refills, as the cheap, imported brands do not adhere to the same standards of health required by law of American manufacturers, and will so use unhealthy ingredients to cut costs.  All of the brands featured on our main site contain only quality, natural ingredients in their refills and you can buy from any of them in confidence.

Sadly, some people have suffered from the use of cheap, poorly made e cigarettes but it must be stressed that these are made in countries where there is no legal requirement to adhere to any health standards, and as well, one must be aware of “bootleg” e cigarettes, which are fake e cigarettes cobbled together from all sorts of horrible ingredients.

You can make sure your e cigarettes are not bad for you, buy purchasing from a reputable, domestic retailer such as one of the many we review.  It’s never wise to put cheapness above all other factors, especially when it comes to a product that goes into your body.  Your health is the most important asset you have!

Purchasing a quality e cigarette will improve your health as you’ll no longer be breathing in cancer-causing cigarette smoke.  Our approved sellers offer flavor refills that use ingredients that are intended to heal your body, whilst providing a nicotine “hit”.  You can also buy nicotine-free flavors from many of our vendors.

So, in answer to the question of “are e cigarettes bad for you?” we have to say no, provided you buy sensibly and look for a quality product, and there are many to choose from.  As always, do not seek to be as cheap as possible and buy foreign imports, as these are at worst inauthentic, scam products that will dice with your health..  the money you might think you are saving will be spent down the line in doctor’s bills if you are very unlucky, so play it safe, and spend your money on a trusted american-made e cigarette. With many fine e cigarette companies to choose from, you can be sure to find one who suits your tastes and your budget.  Don’t take chances with your health!